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Gifted Learners

At Feynman we take an inclusive approach to identifying gifted learners. We do not label young children as “gifted” or “not gifted,” but instead focus on children’s needs, recognizing that each child is unique.

When children are high-potential learners, they have a way of letting us know. Even at young ages these children may display:

  • A strong motivation to initiate learning (may ask lots of “why?” questions)
  • Verbal precocity
  • Early interest in reading
  • Capacity to understand abstract concepts and ask complex questions
  • A long attention span when they’re interested
  • Keen ability to grasp new ideas quickly
  • Adult-like sense of humor
  • Preference for older playmates
  • A desire to take things apart and put them together
  • A tendency to be perfectionists about their work
  • Creative and original play

Of course, all children are gifted in different ways. Our experienced staff can help assess your child’s strengths, learning style and needs, to make sure everyone gets the best start on a lifetime of discovery.

If anything on this list sounds familiar, give us a call at 301-770-4370 to begin a dialogue and determine if Feynman School is the right fit for your child.

Amazing things happen when you get a critical mass of intellectually gifted students together with a faculty who want to work with them. Tracy L. Cross, Executive Director of the Center for Gifted Education at The College of William and Mary