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Feynman School helps young gifted learners develop their natural curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills through fresh, fun, hands-on activities. Our accelerated, interdisciplinary curriculum combines language and arts with science and bilingual learning. We draw from a variety of pedagogical approaches that have proven successful with academically advanced students. Further, we consider our high-quality visual and performing arts programs to be an essential part of our students’ learning experience.

Feynman School enrolls children from Preschool through Grade 8. As our school expands, we will introduce developmentally appropriate curricula for gifted learners through high school. This rich, nurturing academic background will prepare Feynman School graduates to take their place as tomorrow’s leaders.

Please visit the links for Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School Curricula to learn more. As we generally do not rely on “canned” curriculum, please contact Dr. Penny Walter, Director of Enrollment at 301-770-4370 for more in-depth curriculum information.

What is the pattern, or the meaning, or the why?

Richard Feynman