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Physical Education

Feynman School is proud to partner with My Gym to offer structured, age-appropriate classes that incorporate music, dance, relays, games, gymnastics, sports, and more. The My Gym curriculum delights children as they gain strength, balance, coordination, agility, and flexibility while developing social skills, confidence, and self-esteem. We are committed to nurturing children, treating them with understanding and positive reinforcement, and maintaining a supportive and noncompetitive atmosphere in order to ensure that PE is fun and exciting.

My Gym is a program devised to help children develop physically, cognitively and emotionally. The program focuses on growth in all three categories, viewing each step of development in these areas as an essential “building block” toward becoming a happy, healthy, well-adjusted human being. Through My Gym, our students learn more about themselves as they develop independence, self-discipline, social skills, and even a sense of humor, all of which lead to an increased feeling of self-worth. The thrill of accomplishment from achieving a physical task builds self-esteem and confidence that carry over into all aspects of a child’s life. A child who feels good about him/herself has a jumpstart on the path to success.