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The Arts


Feynman School is proud to partner with the Levine School of Music to bring our students a top-notch musical education from the moment they enter Preschool. Through First Music, Levine combines the best of early childhood music education practices with fun, dynamic, and creative programs to deliver the DC region’s most engaging musical learning experiences for children.

Designed and taught by Levine teachers who are early childhood specialists as well as accomplished musicians, First Music classes are structured to emphasize learning through play. Our teachers inspire children in meaningful music experiences on a personal level, making musical principles accessible, internal, and memorable. While it provides the necessary building blocks for future music study, First Music also nurtures the overall development of the whole child. Each class provides a variety of age-appropriate musical activities that foster cognitive, physical, and social skills.


In our Early Childhood program students explore the Fine Arts as they strengthen and develop their fine motor skills using artistic tools and experimenting with various mediums.  Using picture books for the base idea of each project unit, students are able to relate their understanding of the story to their creative expression and ideas. Students are introduced to the principles of art and design and explore an array of mediums form drawing, painting, and sculpture. Students are also encouraged to express their creative ideas, choices, and reasoning about their artistic decisions. 

Fine Arts is a very powerful subject for students to help them better understand themselves, their emotions, positive expression, and the challenging world around them. Art gives a voice to all students so they may express their individuality in a healthy way. Here at Feynman School, we foster creativity, exploration, experimentation, and individuality to help develop the whole child for a successful future. 

Principles Of Art & Design:

Composition – Value – Balance

Line – Contrast – Unity

Form – Rhythm – Variety

Shape – Movement – Pattern

Space – Emphasis – Harmony

Color – Proportion


Feynman School is proud to partner with renowned children’s theater, Imagination Stage, to bring Drama class to all students at our school. A professional theatre artist works to engage students in theatre arts, while simultaneously enhancing children’s critical and creative thinking, communication, and collaboration skills. Through various drama, music, movement, and visual art activities, these classes promote confidence, self-esteem, and creative expression, while working on skills such as active listening and sharing.

Feynman’s Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students are provided with theatre arts lessons that follow the Early Childhood curriculum at Imagination Stage. The Early Childhood curriculum employs a holistic approach in order to nurture the whole child through the arts. Learning for children at this age is experiential, as events and sensory experiences build both the physical pathways in a child’s brain and the child’s social and emotional world. The teaching artist uses stories, songs, movement, and visual arts to engage children in multi-sensory play. This helps to build brain connections, boost the child’s social skills, and expand their creativity. The curriculum also supports the child’s emerging sense of independence and a greater capacity for dramatic play and storytelling.