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STEM at Feynman Middle School is a rigorous application of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Using principles and methodologies from the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth and Space Science, and Engineering, students explore complex and thought-provoking problems as they strengthen their scientific practice and literacy. We aim to excite students’ curiosities for STEM in a challenging and supportive environment while ensuring that our students have the skills necessary to be critical consumers and producers of knowledge.

Students work both independently and collaboratively on real-world problems from prestigious competitions such as the Google Science Fair and the Siemens Challenge in addition to uncovering and applying the scientific principles of our world. Through labs, student-designed experiments and investigations, research, and technical writing, these young scientists are empowered to learn about and positively affect the world around them. Students are encouraged to deeply explore questions that intrigue them and share their discoveries with their peers and with practicing professionals.