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After School Enrichment


The basketball program is coached by former and present collegiate players from University of Maryland and various other universities, NCAA Champion players, former NBA players, and MSA professional coaching staff.

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In 2004, Adam Weissbarth was an enthusiastic chess player and a full-time graduate student in Statistics. A friend came across an ad from a local elementary school looking for a chess coach and passed it along.

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Martial Arts

The Head Instructor and owner of Mills Martial ArtsTM, Mr. Mills, is currently a fifth-degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He holds rank of Sandan (3rd degree Black belt) in Japanese JuJitsu as well.

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Private Piano Lessons

With a Bachelor of Music from the Rostropovich School, University of Voronezh, Russia, Larisa Shtirberg brings over 20 years experience teaching Music and Choir in schools and privately in Russia as well as Bethesda, where she has resided since the late 90s.  

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